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Beginning Again


These last few months? The rest of summer and all of fall? We tried an alternate life – our family’s rhythm did a backwards flip – one that was needed, a bit unnerving, but just right as we listened to the Spirit’s leading. I have rested, we have settled, and grace has abounded.

I think it will be too much to chronicle all of it, but the silence in this space echoed the rest I inhabited in a quiet home while we sent our girls to school. The four months they spent in a traditional school setting was much needed – for me, for Keith, but especially for them. There are absolutely no regrets with their experience there – but now, it is time to go back to our roots, who we really are. And for us, that’s being a homeschooling family. While school was a good thing, one we felt the Lord quietly leading us to, it is very apparent now as he’s lead us back home that we are truly thriving.

My husband, who lassos the moon for me in all he does, has been gently asking me for awhile now to begin chronicling our life again, to keep telling our story. As much as possible I hope to honor that request with words and pictures as the days go on. We will see…

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  • Katie Orr January 21, 2014, 9:58 pm


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