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Look at this Little Man. He’s something great, isn’t he? Someone handed this outfit down to us, and I couldn’t resist dressing him in it on Father’s Day. Nevermind his bare feet peeking out, I never seem to keep my babies in shoes or socks until they’re walking, even if it could add a tad more class to the ensemble!

I’m in the midst of trying to mentally pare down once again. Simplify is the word, perhaps, but to be honest, I’m a bit over that word. While I’m at it, I’m also over the words and their connotations of Nutrition, Frugality, Crafting, & Schooling. I’m probably also over the words Planning, Pinterest, & Research, not to mention Alternative Health, Crunchy & Organic. It’s not necessarily that I don’t care any longer, it’s just that I’m so tired of all the knowledge I’ve immersed myself in since having children. All the things I should be doing better with in life, because I know so very much. It’s exhausting, all this living up, making the right decisions based on information gleaned, knowing how hard I fail to reach the standards I create for myself, over and over.

You want to know what words I’m really into right now? Grace. Exercise. Grace. Prayer. Family. Swimming. Church. Knitting. TV. Grace.

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