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He’s the Dad


He’s the Dad who walked the house for most of those early nights, holding this fussy, first-born baby daughter as she learned to fall asleep.

He’s the Dad who taught this daughter how to flick the wrist and shoot the perfect basket.

He’s the Dad who ate lunch at school with this daughter and her friends more times than she can count, making her feel like the most special girl in the world.

He’s the Dad who sat at an intersection for hours upon hours with this daughter, so she could tally for a Science Experiment how many cars “rolled” to a stop instead of braking.

He’s the Dad who planned the most extensive Scavenger Hunts in the backyard.

He’s the Dad who led his family in devotions around the kitchen table.

He’s the Dad who whisked this daughter out of school every Spring to go catch a Pirates game down at McKecknie Field.

He’s the Dad who sprinted down a street and a half when he heard this daughter fall off her 10-speed.

He’s the Dad who made a simple errand run feel like an adventure coupled with the best conversation.

He’s the Dad who when this daughter drove right over that speed limit sign in the family station wagon, declared to all the neighbors who came out to stare that that sign wasn’t really needed there, anyway.

He’s the Dad who took this daughter on dates to galleries and museums as she grew up, because that is what she loved, even though he would probably have preferred a ball game.

He’s the Dad who drove 8 hours in one day, just to take this daughter to lunch at college, on her first birthday away from home.

He’s the Dad who awoke to the Spirit’s prompting, praying on his knees for this daughter at all hours of the night.

He’s the Dad who answered that long distance call and gave his blessing to this daughter’s future husband.

He’s the Dad who drives the Mom half a day to this daughter’s house to help her with her own children, even if he has to drive back the same day for work.

He’s the Dad who this daughter loves with her whole heart.




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  • Jennifer T. June 16, 2013, 2:21 pm

    You are so very blessed. This one is making me cry. 😉

  • Katie Orr June 16, 2013, 8:08 pm


    Praising the Lord for your sweet Daddy’s godly legacy.

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