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The twins’ birthday dresses are well underway. I’m trying hard to get London’s finished by the end of July, leaving me most of August to complete Noelle’s. I am a slow knitter, and we are moving to a new home in 10 days, but still, I must press on! If anything, the click-clacking of the needles and steady progress helps to keep the stress of all the changes – a move, a husband’s new job, and a very pregnant belly in mid-Florida July – at bay!

I finally had to put Crime and Punishment down earlier this week. It is, of course, excellent, but what with the terribly violent craziness in Colorado, it wasn’t doing me any good to read about a young man’s intricate mental workings of plotting an awful crime as he wandered through his city, right before I fell asleep each night.

So I felt I needed a cheerful read that is pure pleasure…enter the wonderful Anne of Green Gables. I can’t think of any other book besides this one to read right now. We’ve already packed up our personal ¬†library, so instead of my childhood copy, I’m reading it on Kindle, and it is absolutely perfect.

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  • Gail Brightbill July 26, 2012, 11:53 am

    The dresses are going to be lovely on the girls. What a special Mama you are to make something they will, hopefully, cherish in their memories when they are grown and looking back at those special photos.

    “Anne of Green Gables” is a book I pull out and read from time to time. Something I’ve adopted in my own life is the term “kindred spirit.” It is my belief that one encounters only one, two, maybe three kindred spirits in one’s lifetime, that special friendship that loves and accepts, warts and all.

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