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As we are still deep in the process of figuring out where to move, I dug up an old post by The Nester that I often find inspiring.

With that being said, I’m simultaneously thinking two opposite thoughts – 1. I just ordered boxes from Costco today so we can begin packing, and 2. I’m figuring out my own house deep cleaning list based on this great idea from simplehomeschool. I am torn – not knowing how long we’ll be here – how do I live in my home and make it pretty, keep it clean, and begin packing all at the same time? But that is a slippery slope for me to start on, leading to feelings of ‘eeeek, i really don’t know what i’m doing, so i’m not going to do anything productive whatsoever and instead sit here reading novels all day.’ So I’m writing this down here, in public, to remind myself to trust trust trust my God that he will lead us!

Also, I’ve been perusing recipes for Keith’s birthday tomorrow. We received some rhubarb from our co-op yesterday, and I’m looking forward to my first attempt to cook with it. I’m thinking one or both of these recipes: Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins from Soule Mama, and/or Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp from Ina Garten.

And, just a simple little link love note for pinterest. Honestly, I haven’t really used it yet like I want to, but just knowing it’s there, that I have the little ‘pin it’ button on my tool bar, makes me happy. I first found out about it through Young House Love’s post back in April.

Last but not least, I just have to share this picture of Aunt Melissa showing the girls her garden. This is one of the pictures Kevin texted us on our weekend away. I especially love the fact they walked the girls in their tutus(!) around the block from our home to theirs. Love it!!

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